Sunday, November 16, 2008


Malaysia Batik is well known for its vibrant colors, with appealing tropical designreflecting of floral and fauna etc.The colors are vivid, perfect for decorating the colorful summer and brightening the gloomy winter. Because of the unique of batik, in Malaysia, it has been a formal dress for official functions. Batik is also used as work uniforms for cultural appealing especiallyin airlines, tourisms, hotels and restaurants.

马来西亚蜡染是众所周知的.其鲜明的色彩, 与吸引力的热带设计反映的花卉, 动物..尤其,生动和完美的颜色能轻松 装饰五彩缤纷的夏季和 灰暗的冬天。在马来西亚,由于独特的蜡染 它已被正式着装官方活动之用。 蜡染服饰也可以用来作为工作制服的文化吸引力

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